about us


WE ARE 13!

We love minimalism.

Thirteen Interior Design and Décor is a full-service interior design firm specialising in comprehensive interior detailing and space planning.


Our style may be referred to as minimalist. We take into consideration the physical effect of being in a room. Our spaces are uncluttered without feeling sparse. Some of the factors we consider when designing are shape, color, texture, light, flooring walls ceiling windows door carpentry amongst others. We like to use a combination of locally made and imported products.

As a company, we prefer a collaborative approach to design that encourages our clients to express or develop their own style. Collaboration will require good communication and engagement that will, in turn build a strong working relationship with our clients. We plan, design and furnish from start to finish.

We provide design solutions to residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality and institutional spaces. Our team will design the interior environment you desire and implement it beautifully.


We achieve designs that reflect the functional needs and preferences of our individual clients.


Our approach is to create an aesthetically functional work space that not only defines the business identity of the company but also motivates staff.


Professionalism is top on our list and we are committed to design, integrity and client service.

Space Planning
Sourcing Services / Procurement
3D Design
Design Concepts & Implementation
Project Management
We have collaborative relationships with architects and craftspeople that help to realize our design solutions. We believe in being original, unique and accessible.